About mermaids club malta

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away that has always been known as Ukraine, a young but precocious girl had a dream... The dream was to find the mermaids and swim with them! For mermaids are not just mythological creatures! They exist within the heart of every believer! And thus the girl wished upon the stars to reach her dream and find the mermaids! That, she did on the island of the nymph Calypso, Gozo island! A gem surrounded by crystal blue waters in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea where our girl acquired her fins and continues to follow dream (and mermaids)... and hence the dream became reality and Mermaidsclub Malta was born! But the girl continues to chase her dreams... who knows what she is to discover next? Contact us to join in the fun and the journey of this mermaid´s dream!

the Story

... As said in the About Us section of this page on the mesmerizing world wide web... Our girl´s dream started in her younger years in the Ukraine... But our girl is not one to stay put... As she grew she travelled in search of inspiration and to pursue her dream... Her travels landed her in Germany where she spent some time working in the entertainment business, expressing her creative side all the while willing the mermaids that still hadn't been found... until she discovered the island of Gozo. So she traveled again and came to the Gozitan shores where greeting her were many sources of inspiration amongst which, a painting of a mermaid hanging in her lodgings! This is when our girl knew she was in the right place to start Mermaidsclub Malta! The stars had aligned... The dream was becoming reality!

the Mission

And so, our girl knew... she knew that just as much as she loved her fins, others wanted them too! Even if temporarily... She realized that her dream was shared by the younger and older alike... They all felt one thing in common, happiness at the realization of their dream to know what it feels like to be a mermaid swimming in the seawater! Thus, our girl made it Mermaidsclub Malta´s mission to bring all dreamers their wish, no matter the age! A breathtaking experience for children, a journey of mythical discovery for young adults... the ultimate redemption for long term dreamers who may have had to wait years, but finally got to have fins... or an experience to be shared by mothers and daughters, sisters, or friends, immortalized in photographs to be treasured forever.