Mermaid Photo Sessions

At Mermaids Club Malta we provide you with the unique opportunity to live your fairytale dream of being a mermaid in the Mediterranean Sea on the coast of Gozo, Malta or Comino by being photographed in a full mermaid costume!

We will dress you up in a high quality mermaid tale, fins, headwear and related attire, apply some glitter and let the photo shoot begin!

After the photo shoot we will help you get acquainted with the water!

You get to swim in the seawater and feel the real magic of being a mermaid!


Photoshoot and swimming location will be advised by Mermaids Club Malta depending on prevalent conditions

(inc. weather and social events).


Packages & Prices

Option 1: 

a 30 Minutes Photo Session (suitable for one person and suggested for single kids) with all taken images as they are (100 to 200) and ONE Art Retouched image/ OR five images with light and colour correction only.

Option 2: 

a 60 Minutes Photo Session (suitable for one person and suggested for single adults) with all taken images as they are (200 to 400) and THREE Art Retouched images/ OR ten images with light and colour correction only.

Option 3: 

a 90 Minutes Photo Session (suitable for one or two person/s) with all taken images as they are (400 to 600) and TEN Art Retouched images/ OR twenty images with light and colour correction only.

You are more than one or two? It's not a problem!

With Option 3 it is possible to add another person to the package for an additional amount of €40.


Please note* The number of images and duration of photo session remain in this case unchanged.

What is always and in all options included?

  • mermaid dress up service (swimmable mono-fin, tail, bra and crown)
  • glitter for body and face
  • photo posing instructions
  • possibility to enjoy a mermaid swim after the photo session (swimming skills are required/ kids only under supervision of their parents/ at your own risk/ swimming support tools can be provided)  

Additional Services

What you can add as an additional service:

  • mermaid Make-up in collaboration with Make-up by Talitah (Santa Venera): €45 for adults and/or €20 for kids
  • "truly a mermaid" accessories gift (perfectly suitable for all the birthday mermaids): from €5
  • "mermaid hair don't care" wig rentals (choose your long hair wig and its colour): €15
  • "be a mermaid and make waves" 20 minutes swimming lesson & swimming assistance: €20
  • "mermaid lagoon underneath a magic moon" photo art-retouching services: €15 for every additional image (by order placements of more than 10 images you'll get a discount of 25%)

How does the different states of images look like: 

What is art retouching made of?

- Light & Colour editing

- Removal of unrelated background objects, such as other people, ships and garbage

- Magical Mermaid Skyline

- Skin retouching 

- Hair & Body shaping 

- Costume optimisation  

- Addition of external magical objects, such as bubbles, birds and ships 


Processing time: four weeks after placing the order

Terms and Conditions:

  • No minimum age 
  • No maximum age
  • The age can be mixed
  • Maximum adult skirt size is UK 20
  • Males can be served as pirates or merman’s, or participate in the photo session while wearing their own clothes 
  • No previous experience required 
  • In case of bad weather we will need to reschedule our appointment to another date
  • Photo Session times: 8AM to 6PM
  • Locations in Malta where the sessions are held:
  1. Ghar Lapsi 
  2. Manoel Island
  3. Valetta
  4. Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq
  5. Paradise Bay
  6. Riviera Beach
  7. Fekruna Beach
  8. And we still looking for a nice location in the very south and are thankful for any advices 
  • Locations in Gozo where the sessions are held :
  1. Xwejni Beach 
  2. Ramla Bay
  3. Hondoq 
  4. Dahlet Qorrot 

-> if you’d like to book by a specific location pls let us know the location you prefer and a selection of dates which are possible for you

How to book?

If you’d like to go ahead and book a magical Mermaid Photo Session, please give us a message to our Facebook Messenger and let us know the following details:

  1. If you’d like to book a currently available Special Offer, or a regular Photo Session
  2. date which suits you the best
  3. total number of participants
  4. number of the kids, their names and ages, and if they wear usual sizes 
  5. and/or number of adults and their skirt, bra and shoe sizes (example: 10/38D/39) related to their names
  6. your phone number

We look forward hearing from you!