welcome to our fairytale

Who we are

Mermaids Club Malta is your chance

to experience what it is like

to be a mermaid,

or how it feels like to meet & greet

a Real Life Mermaid!

A project to give children and adults alike

a chance to feel special,

make a new experience and

enter a magical world! 


What you get

As our client you get the unique opportunity to transform into a mermaid and to pose in a tail at Malta's shores while we take photographs of you to immortalise the happening.

Then you will experience what it feels like

to swim like a mermaid.



Mermaid Experiences:

Photo Shoot


Mermaid Swim,


Costume Rentals,


Birtday Party Packages,


Events & Venue  Decoration Service.


Unicorn Club

(November 2023)

Mermaid Academy

(coming in 2024),



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