We can also be booked for different kinds of events like birthday celebrations where we dress you or your children up in mermaid outfits!

 We work at festivals, beach clubs and other events in general where we bring actors dressed as mermaids for the entertainment of your patrons or guests.


Mermaids Club Malta also offers venue decorating service in a mermaid theme and costume rentals!

Mermaid Celebrations

Mermaids Club Malta offers you the chance to bring the magic to your private party or event!

Engage us to come to your venue, deck the halls with mermaid decorations, dress you and/or your guests in mermaid or pirate outfits and send you on a celebratory journey like no other!

We can also design mermaid inspired invitations and provide you with photographic services. Additionally, our experienced actors may attend your event dressed in mermaid outfits to pose with you and your guests or instruct you and your guests on how to swim with fins and mermaid tails all while helping you experience

the magic of swimming with a mermaid!


Price: upon request.

Real Life Mermaid(s)

Have you ever wanted actual mermaids at

your event?

Gracing your pool party?

Enticing your guests with magic?

Mermaids Club offers you the opportunity to hire professional mermaid actors to do just that!

Our actors will come in and entertain your guests, livening your party with their swimming and posing for your guests to photograph or be photographed with!

Should you wish, we even offer the opportunity to decorate your venue and pool with water lilies, shells and other mermaid inspired decorations to bring even more mermaid magic to your event.


Price: upon request.