"Welcome Summer" Special Offer

We would like to welcome you and the Maltese summer of 2020 with a special offer! Experience a magical transformation into a mermaid and a one-hour photo session in Malta for two for only €100.


This special offer includes

  • mermaid dress up (swimmable mono-fin, tail, bra and crown)
  • glitter for body and face
  • photo posing instructions
  • possibility to enjoy a mermaid swim after the photo session (swimming skills are required/ kids only under supervision of their parents/ at your own risk/ swimming support tools can be provided)
  • all at the appointment taken images in a digital way (250+)
  • 5 art retouched images of your choice, like the image above

This Special Offer is available in June and in Malta ONLY, and is suitable for two Persons. It doesn’t matter if those are two friends, siblings or mum and daughter.


Single person?

If you would like to book for a single person you can get the “Welcome Summer” Special Offer for €70, please note that in this case the photo session duration will be reduced to 30 minutes but the number of images will remain unchanged. 

Something very special..: single kids under the age of 6 years will get the “Welcome Summer” Special Offer with a 30 minutes experience, all taken and 3 art retouched images for €50.


You’re more then two? 

You can get the “Welcome Summer” Special Offer for a group by adding €40 for every additional person, please note that in this case the time will be increased by 20 extra minutes for every additional person, but the number of images will remain unchanged. 


What you need to know:

  • You can order more art retouched images afterwards for additional €10 per image with the “Welcome Summer” Special Offer if the images included in the package aren’t enough 
  • the exactly location in Malta and appointment time possibility’s will be provided after we know the date you would like to book
  • no deposit is required 
  • payment method: in cash after the appointment
  • we will provide everything you need to wear for the photo session
  • photo session participants must ensure that they wear a bikini bottom with no ribbons or panties in nude or white colours

For the “Welcome Summer" Special Offer are at this moment the following dates available: 

June 25th,

June 26th,

June 28th, 

June 29th,

June 30th

How to book?

If you’d like to go ahead and book this special offer, please give us a message to our Facebook Messenger and let us know the following details:

  1. date which suits you the best
  2. total number of participants
  3. number of the kids, their names and ages, and if they wear usual sizes 
  4. and/or number of adults and their skirt, bra and shoe sizes (example: 10/38D/39) related to their names
  5. your phone number

We look forward hearing from you!